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Howrse riding level 8

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Riding Level 8 Test Answers!
The Boulonnais, at the end of the 19th century, was improved with Arab blood. But why?
To make them quicker and enable them to get to Paris in record time.

The"paring knife" is used to:
thin out the piece of leather

The harness makes saddles, bridles, harnesses - a more sophisticated job than the saddler

The capriole, a famous figure of the horses of the Cadre Noir (Black Squad) of Saumur consists of a jump during which the horse bucks. Why was it invented?
To prepare the cavaliers for the tough shakes of combat

The saddler is a job that has disappeared today

To sew, the saddler uses:
hemp thread

What is the sequence of placing down limbs in canter left?
Back right; right diagonal; front left

Which of these bones is part of the carp joint?
The pisiforme bone

Check all the right answers(X)
Horses are animals built for running away.
Horses are gregarious animals

The equipment (saddle + bridle) must be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated every:

Which of these figures comes under the two-track work?
Push it

What is the disadvantage of neat's foot-oil?
it wears the stitches prematurely

Leon Tolstoy, the great Russian writer, was also a horse man; he was still riding at 75.

In the meadow, a new horse introduced in a herd is most often:
violently rejected

Above all, leathers are sensitive to:

Check the right statements:
the western saddles can have two straps
the dressage saddles have longer flaps than the hurdle saddles
there are multipurpose saddles

The Isabelle coat owes its name to:
Isabelle-the-Catholic, having pledged in the 1491 Grenada siege, not to change her shirt until the end of the seige, hence the "dirty" colour

Chestnuts are: (X)
the fruits of the chestnut tree
the traces of an old additional finger that horses had in prehistorictimes.

The"round knife" is also more often called:

What is a mash?
food that is a treat for horses

Who was the first rider of Pegasus?

One of my club's horses, at eating time, is not eating and is fussy:
It's undoubtedly serious, I'll notify an instructor

An adjusted saddle:
does not touch the withers at all

What is top stitching used for?
to reinforce the stitches

What coat has mixed, three-color hairs?

Saddles have eyes:

It's sunny, -10?C, the bit of ground I am on is a good clear path, there are no stones, my horse is calm. I can gallop.

In each molting period, horses are more tired and vulnerable than usually.

The harnessing leather is normally looked after:
with glycerine soap

What is the little "pin" of a buckle called:
the tongue

There are synthetic bridles:

A windgall is:
a small defect

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