Howrse riding level 7

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Howrse riding level 7

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Riding Level 7 Test Answers!
Where was polo invented?
In China

-In this list, what are the transport protective devices?
A knee pad

-In Greek mythology, Arion is a horse?
born from the union of Poseiden and Demeter

-The Mustang is a protected horse in the United States. The name of this
breed comes from Spanish and means:
wild horse

-At a high level of horse riding, horse riders sit?
Towards the front of the saddle

-Out of these letters, which ones are not used as a marker in a riding school?

-Horses' hair is the same regardless of the season.

-Cantering is ? gait

-What parts are not found on the horse's foot?
The elbow
The outer ligaments

-The horse is a

-What is the average speed of a horse when walking?

How many cervical vertebrae does a horse have?

-Towards a higher level of riding, the rider sits...
To the Front of the saddle

-In the list below, which are the transport safety devices...
the treadle
the bell
the awning

-Which parts are not found on a horse's foot...
The crate
The elbow

-How many blind spots does a horse's field of vision have?

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