Howrse riding level 6

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Howrse riding level 6

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Riding Level 6 Test Answers!
-Galloping is at least three times faster than walking.

-It is important to warm up horses before making them work.

-What is the sweat scraper used for?
Wring the hair

-Mules are a cross between:
a donkey and a mare

-Grooming helps the skin breathe.

-When cleaning and grooming a horse, it is important to cut the hair inside the horse's ears.

-Which of these parts of the horse's head is not the same as in humans?
The moustache

-What is the best season for cutting horses' hair?

-Where is the noseband?
On the bridle

-Why is bedding used in a box?
To absorb urine
To enable the horse to sleep more comfortably

-A horse must be shoed.

-My horse is sweating. Can I?
Brush it with straw

-The domestication of horses started?ago
5,000 to 6,000 years

-What is the particularity of western bridles ?
They are often highly colored
They do not have a noseband

What nickname is sometimes given to Caramargue horses?
the river horse

When I am in an indoor riding school, which of these figures can I not do?
the perpendicular

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