Howrse riding levels 5

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Howrse riding levels 5

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Riding Level 5 Test Answers!
- The manes of bay horses are black. ?

- What are gymkhanas?
Horse game and race tests

- What is a white mark on a limb called?
a sock

- Out of these horse breeds, which one is not a heavy horse?
The Waler

- Does the bit have to be washed after every use?

- Which of these parts are found on a saddle?
The strap
The palm rest
The seat

- When I am riding my horse, can I use the road ?

- Can I make my horse gallop when riding it?

- How long does gestation last in mares?
11 months

-To turn my horse around, I have to…?
use the reins

- What is the hinny??
the offspring of a male horse and a female donkey

- What is a headpiece?
A part of the harness which goes over the horse's neck

- What small difference is there between the black horn and the white horn of horses?
One is harder than the other
One is softer than the other

- Which ones of the following terms designate a foot disease?
Contracted hoof
Bruised sole
Sand crack

- Which ones of the following terms designates a part of the horseshoe?
The toe clips
The sponge

- When horses are not in the meadow, the hoof's horn dries and therefore needs to be regularly lubricated.

- Just like human's nails, a pony's hooves constantly grow...

- Clipping the toe(s) beforehand, the blacksmith can sometimes put the horseshoes on the wrong way?

- Horses suffer when nails are tapped into the horn…

-Horseshoes must be replaced…
Every 4 to 6 weeks

-What safety rules must be respected when you are with a horse ?
Be careful in all contacts with horses

- How many centimeters does a horn grow every month?
1 cm

- About what size was the smallest horse in hands?
40 cm

- Which ones of the following terms designate an orthopedic shoe or an element of an orthopedic shoe?
The egg bar shoe
The heel piece

- The horn of the hooves must be cut from time to time.?

- How do you look after a horse's hooves?
By picking the horse's hoof with a hoof-pick

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