Howrse riding levels 4

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Howrse riding levels 4

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Riding Level 4 Test Answers!
- How often does an adult horse have to be dewormed?
Three to four times a year

- To notice a limp and determine where it comes from,
You make the horse trot

- How may breeds of horses are there today?
over 100

- Can too many apples cause diarrhoea?

- A constellation bears the name of a famous mythological horse. What is its name?

- To jump a hurdle, I have to:
Place my horse in the middle

- What does the term "semi-wild" horse mean?
A domesticated horse that has become wild again
- My horse is cantering. I would like it to go back to walking. What do I have to do?
Straighten the body

- A zebroid is the combination of…
A zebra and a horse

- When riding my horse, do I have to respect the highway code?

- The bit is placed…
on the tongue

- What is the most frequent cause of death in horses?

- Some vaccinations are compulsory for competing in horse competitions:
Horse flu

- What do you have to do to increase to a faster speed?
Use your calves

- Can I stroke my horse during riding?

- The quality of the soil on which the horse works is very important, check the right statements:
Hard soil tires out the joints
Deep soil tires out the tendons
The frog has a shock-absorbing role; it must be released to work well

- To go from cantering to galloping, my horse must return to walking.

- Do you have to loosen the girth of a horse when someone is about to mount it?

- I have to clean my horse's box…
every two days

- Can you make your horse canter while staying seated?

- How tall was the largest horse in hands?
Over 2 meters

- Can you adjust your stirrups whilst being on a horse?

- I can clean the dirt stuck under the hooves with a soft brush.

- A horse's diet includes cereals, these are preferably given (adjective depending on the type of cereal):

- Can horses get tetanus?

- How often should a horse be clipped?
Once a year

- Horses must not drink a lot of cold water in one go if they are sweating.

- What is deworming used for?
To remove parasites from the horse that are squatting in its intestine

- The expression "lame duck"
Designates someone that is lazy
Comes from the fact that horses suffering from emphysema, in the age of cavalry, were considered as "good for nothing"

- What is one of the essential factors of a horse's fitness and form?

Every horse will find true love

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