Howrse riding levels 3

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Howrse riding levels 3

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Riding Level 3 Test Answers!
- What are the safety rules when riding a horse?
Keep a safety distance of one horse's size

- Two horses nipping at each other get on well.

- A horse's daily ration is mainly determined by its weight and the work it does?

- When we talk about a horse, we say that it has…

- Is it important to put drinking troughs for horses in the meadows when there is no natural water source?

- A filly is a mare:
under 4 years' old

- Does the curry comb have to be used in circular movements?

- Do horses have dentists?

- How long was the longest mane?
5.5 m

- Is walking a gait that comprises four times?

- Horses must only be fed once a day.

- Are horses mainly fearful or aggressive by nature?

- What is the bit directly attached to?
to the bridle mounts
to the reins

- Which parts of the human body does a horse not have?

- Does the saddle have to be washed after each use?

- When I remove my horse's saddle, I have to…
Pull up the stirrups
Place the strap on the saddle to transport it

- In what order must these brushes be used to groom a horse properly?
Curry comb - dandy brush - soft brush

- Before the invention of the steam engine, horses were the main mode of transport for humans.

- What are the last checks to be done before mounting a horse?
Check the harness
Check the length of the stirrups

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