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Howrse riding levels2

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Riding Level 2 Test Answers!
-I have just gone to see my horse in its box. When taking it out I have to be careful :
Before it

-When approaching a horse, I have to ensure that I.. ?
Put it at ease by going up to it slowly

-Can a horse that is gentle with humans be aggressive with its fellow creatures?

-Can an abrupt movement panic a horse?

-Which one of these foods do horses not like?

-I'm taking my horse for a night ride, I must not forget to :
a fluorescent belt

-As long as the horse riders are not all on horses ?
I stay still or walking
-When born, foals don't have any hair.

-Can your horse travel by plane for a competition abroad?

-What is a bridle used for?
To control my horse when I mount it

-How many legs does a horse have?

-When riding, what safety distance must be respected between each horse?
About the size of a horse

-Can elderly people mount a horse?

-If I want to overtake a horse rider, I have to:
overtake it on the inside

-In indoor or outdoor riding schools, who has right of way?
The horse rider who has the highest gait

-If my horse flattens its ears, it is…?

-What must the rider who does not have right of way do in an indoor or outdoor riding school?
Go into the inside track

-Before sitting on the saddle, you see some horse riders go in front of their horse and pull it forward. Why do they do this?
To avoid skin fold under the strap which could cause wounds

-My horse has worked well today, I can…
reward it with a treat

-Which of the following equipment must the horse rider wear when mounting a horse?
Riding helmet

-A horse is a quadruped ?

-There is an equestrian discipline where you play in a team and use a ball.
True, it's the horse-ball

-There are only 14 horse coats

-There is no point grooming a horse.

-Walking is a faster gait than cantering.

-When horses are on a diet they can only be fed carrots?

-My horse is eating, I must ensure that I…
Leave it alone

-Can you ride a horse without a saddle ?

Every horse will find true love

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